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Read this article today while researching ways to migrate an SSIS package into a C# program. It would really be neat if there was a way to programmatically convert an SSIS abomination into a readable, intelligible C# / .NET program. Maybe that will be a useful project ;)

So here’s the thing: why is SSIS bad? Honestly, when I used to use Data Transformation Services back in the late ’90s, there was nothing wrong with it. DTS was a simple way to automate a complex, bulk data transformation process. It was limited, but that was okay - because it had a specific function. It imported and exported data to and from SQL server.

Nowadays SSIS supports everything and the kitchen sink. What used to be straightforward (Import -> Select source -> Select columns -> Go!) is now a massive undertaking. I thought it was really neat how DTS had the ability to save a package so you could repeat it again in the future. If I’d have known that it would become this complex and impenetrable, I would have walked away.